Art in the Windows 2017 - Animals

Art in the Windows 2017: Animals, respect due all living creatures


The Milton Art Center is proud to announce the 5th annual Art in the Windows Community Art Project for Young Artists currently on display at 14 sites across Milton through July 1, 2017.

Visit 14 projects located at Collicot School, Cunningham Outdoor Garden Fence, Cunningham Park Fence, East Congregational Church, East Milton Deck, Falconi Parking Lot, First Congregational Church, Glover School, Milton Public Library, Pierce Middle School, Town Hall, and Turner’s Pond to view the Animals.

 This year the teams responded to the theme with the animals they cared about, elephants, bees, an eagle, dogs, pigs, fish, giraffes, monster birds and a narwhal! The theme was chosen in response to Therese Desmond’s Elephant Awareness Project featuring Mother and child topiary elephants located at the Milton Cemetery pond, a beautiful place to walk.

 Through generous grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Milton Junior Woman’s Club, the Milton Woman’s Club, and the Falconi Companies, the Milton Art Center was able to extend this free public art program to 178 children and teens. 

We are proud that Art in the Windows was chosen for it’s quality and effectiveness and received a competitive grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Funding was in jeopardy next year for the NEA, who gives money to the MCC and we are grateful enough people advocated for the importance of art in our lives to keep funding for both organizations intact for another year. 

 We are enormously grateful to the Milton Junior Woman’s Club for choosing us for a community grant.  We want to thank them for all they do -their annual fundraiser, the Milton Road Race brings the community together and generates funds that they distribute to other organizations that share their same goals of quality of life in Milton. 

 The Milton Woman’s Club has given us enormous support this year, allowing us to revamp our downstairs art room and to buy equipment enabling new classes to be taught.

 We want to thank Jeanne Schmidt of the Falconi Companies for extending her generous family’s support to this project and for again welcoming a project to be sited on their parking lot.  


We want to thank the Town of Milton, Board of Selectmen, Katie Conlon, David Burnes, Tom Hurley, newly elected Richard Wells, Town Administrator Michael Dennehy, Parks and Recreation Dave Perdios and Kevin Chrisom for speed tracking the site at Turner’s Pond, DPW Joe Lynch, Mary Gormley for last minute approval on school sites, Shelly Davis, East Congregational Church, John Allen, First Congregational Church, William Adamczyk, Library Director and the trustees of the Milton Public Library for site permissions. 


We appreciate all of these helpful and generous individuals and organizations, they make us mindful of all the good that happens here in Milton.


The best thing about watching this project unfold is witnessing the remarkable skills and “can-do” positive attitude of our remarkable teachers and parents, so necessary to pass on to our next generation of young artists. 


Thank you Wendy Daly, our Program Manager who coordinated 14 teams and scheduled them in such a short time frame with exceptional organization skill and grace! Our remarkable art teachers,  Laurinda O’Connor, Wendy Daly, Christine Schoettle, Therese Desmond, Franc Graham, Annmarie Hayes, Leesha Boylan, Sharon Pierce, Kathleen McDonough, Marjorie Saintil-Belizaire and Christine Jorge. Working together to create the projects, we thank parent leaders Lisa Townsend, Sheila Taylor, Wendy Garpow, Ed Tibets, Juan Navarro, Colleen Malloy, Audrey Cummings, Brenda Neret, Kristen Scott, Mary Ordway, Jennifer Raymond, Laura Kottkamp, Karolina Kaya, Kathy McMenamy, Kristyn Caparrotta, Kerry Kelly, Jennifer Malkovich, Jeanne Burns, Theresa Jolley, Bridget Dujardin, April Anderson Lamoureux, Danielle McKnight and Laura Barron.  Special thanks to Annmarie Hayes who cleaned up the recycled materials in the Pod the day before our rental unit was picked up and who also with Wendy Daly picked up our recyclable materials.


Our mission is shaping local life through the arts. This project epitomizes how art calls attention to what is important. Each team chose an animal to tell their story. Care, compassion and respect are due all living creatures and these teams of children and teens want you to care too. Visit each site to read their story.


Please join us to celebrate creativity with these young artists at the BackYard Art and Music Festival, Saturday, June 17, 12-7pm. The Art in the Windows ceremony starts at 12:15pm.  This fun, free family event featuring live music and the Roy Sludge Trio, food and art activities.

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